When you call San Tan Landscape Management for our services, we will schedule an appointment for the owner of the company to visit your property.  There is no charge for our estimating services.

Estimates for Maintenance Services
In most cases, we can provide homeowner properties with a maintenance quote during the initial visit.  For larger or commercial properties we first need to perform a property assessment.  We take measurements of turf and gravel areas and the amount of trees and shrubs in your landscape.  San Tan Landscape will then call you promptly with the cost estimate for our maintenance services.  

Estimates for Installation and Renovation Services
Estimating for these type of services involve creating, designing, and developing a landscape plan to carry out your project to completion.  During the initial visit we listen to your ideas on how  you invision your landscape to look.  We  will give you a time frame of when we can meet again to present your landscape design and the cost estimate for our services. Together we can help you create a beautiful outdoor living environment.     

Are you having problems with your landscape?  Do you need professional help or advice but want to take care of the landscape yourself?  Then that's why San Tan Landscape Management offers Property Landscape Consultations for a nominal charge.

Whether it is an irrigation problem, turf assessment, tree care, weed control, or an improvement to your landscape, we can offer our expertise, knowledge, ideas, and advice on how to fix your problem.  We can suggest what products would be best to use, different ways to take care of your troubled areas, and whatever else you need to know.   

During our consultation if you decide that you want San Tan Landscape to do the work for you, then the consultation charge will be waived.  There is absolutely no pressure.  Everyone deserves to get the best advice and the ultimate and final decision is always up to the customer. 

Just give our office a call at 480-753-0711 and we can schedule a Property Consultation appointment. 

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