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Tree & Shrub Care 

San Tan Landscape Management offers many services for tree and shrub care.  We can prune and shape any tree depending on the height.  If over 12 feet, we use additional equipment for the safety of our workers.  Shrubs are pruned according to the plant type.  We also provide palm tree pruning during the Fall.

Tree Care
Trees are so valuable to any landscape.  Prunning is done to improve the structure of the tree and to promote growth and strength.  San Tan Landscape is experienced in prunning trees and knows how to do the job properly without endangering the trees health. 


Pruning -   There are several techniques of prunning such as:

  • windowing - removing lateral branches to open up the tree
  • thinning - clearing out small branches within the tree
  • skirting up - removing lower limbs of tree
  • crown reduction - lower the trees canopy which reduces the size of tree

Basically there are three types of trees and are maintained differently:

  • Evergreen Trees
      These types of trees keep their leaves year round
      Trimming should be done during Spring & Summer
      Fertilize during Spring & Summer as needed
  • Deciduous Trees  
      These type of trees loose their leaves during Fall
      Trimming should be done from November to January
      Fertilize during Spring as needed
  • Native Trees 
      These type of trees are native to the desert climate
      Trimming should be done during Summer
      Fertilizing is not required

Shrub Care
By maintaining proper shrub pruning, you keep the shrub tight and full.  We can get your shrubs into shape and prune however you like.  We will make suggestions of course, depending on the type of shrub to keep the natural look of each variety.


  • Trimming can be done all year if needed
  • Fertilize during Spring & Summer as needed

Freeze Damage to Trees & Shrubs
Be aware of your landscape and make every effort to protect your trees and shrubs during the cold winter season.  Your landscape is an investment in providing increased property values.  But as you can imagine it's almost impossible to protect your entire landscape from freezing temperatures.  San Tan Landscape can help you save as much of the plant material that has freeze damage. 

How can I protect my plants?
Keep plants well watered.  Soil temperature is very important.  You want to retain as much heat as possible so roots do not freeze.  Keep soil around plants and trees mulched or leave all dropped leaves under trees until cold has passed.  The use of burlap or ground cover cloth is best for covering your plants.  As a last resort, install heaters or hope for warmer temperatures.  Please remember not to use any materials that can trap cold air.  Plastic is the worst.  Trapping cold air is like putting your plants in the refrigerator. 

Wait until  the Freeze is over!
Do not prune or trim your trees or shrubs too early.  Removing leaves or dead wood too soon will encourage new growth which could be exposed to an additional frost.  If this happens you can further damage your plant material and some shrubs may not survive and will require replacing.  Generally by the first week of February, we can rule out the chance of a potential freeze.

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