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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below is a list of helpful questions you may have regarding San Tan Landscape or general landscaping questions.  We hope this information will be useful to you.  Click on the links below to go directly to the information, or scroll down to read everything.

 When the seasons change, should I change my watering schedule?
Yes. Since Arizona has drastic weather climates, you should change your watering schedule in the summer and fall. In the summer when temperatures climb over 100 degrees the watering schedule should be increased. During the fall, the watering schedule should be decreased.   back to top

 Why is my irrigation box full of water?
If irrigation water is not clear of debris, this could cause the inlet port to be blocked. If this should happen, water will not flow into the upper chamber and the valve would remain open, causing your irrigation box to flood.  back to top

 When is the best time of day to automatically water my lawn?
The preferred time for turfgrass irrigation is between 4 a.m and 8 a.m.  back to top

 Does San Tan Landscape offer financing?
We do not offer financing through banking institutions, but we do offer MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards.  back to top

 Why over-seed my existing Bermuda grass?
In Arizona, the bermuda grass goes dormant and turns brown during the fall. Besides the undesirable appearance, non-seeded or renovated turf encourages weeds and the potential for fungus diseases.  back to top

 Why can't I get rid of weeds in my yard?
Weeds germinate year-round in lawns, rock and landscape beds. So, a weed-control program must address both summer and winter weeds. To control your weeds before they grow, you need to use a pre-emergence herbicide two to three weeks before the seeds germinate. To kill your weeds after they are up and growing, you need to use a post-emergence herbicide that is absorbed through the leaves. Hand weeding is time consuming and more expensive, so methods that prevent weeds can reduce the cost of a weed-control program.  back to top

 When should I fertilize?
Fertilizer should be applied when plants need it, and when it will be most effective. Late summer and early fall fertilization may stimulate new growth that is not winter hardy, and summer drought may interfere with nutrient uptake, but spring, fall, and winter applications receive the most benefit.  back to top

 Are estimates really free?
Yes, and in most cases we can provide a quote during the initial visit. Estimates that involve creating, designing and developing a new or existing landscape usually require two visits so we can present a landscape design and cost estimate for our services.  back to top

 Can someone look at my landscape problem?
If you would like professional advice for your landscape problem, we offer property landscape consultations for a nominal charge. During our consultation if you decide to have San Tan Landscape Management do the work, then the consultation charge will be waived.  back to top

 What if I have an emergency irrigation problem?
We provide "after hour" emergency calls for a nominal charge. We can visit your site and "temporarily" fix your emergency situation. If you like, we can give you an estimate for us to come back later and fix the problem permanently.  back to top

 Do all trees need staked?
Newly planted trees should be staked for at least two or three seasons to hold them secure until the roots are firmly anchored in the soil. Larger trees may need guy wires with rubber hoses around the wire where it goes around the tree. Trees that are not staked may result in the trees not growing straight or snap during high winds.  back to top

 When should I plant annual flowers?
To have continuous color year-round the flowers need to be planted in the spring and winter. Annuals can bloom for months.  back to top

 How can I protect my plants from freezing?
Keep plants well watered. Soil temperature is very important because you want to retain as much heat as possible so roots do not freeze. The use of burlap or ground cover cloth is the best for covering your plants. Never use plastic material for covering as this traps in the cold air and will cause severe damage to your plants.  back to top

 When can I trim the frost bitten leaves from my trees & shrubs?
Do not prune or trim too early. Wait until the threat of freezing temperatures are over. Generally by the second week of February, we can rule out the chance of a potential freeze.  back to top

 What will happen if I pruned my plant material too early before the last frost?
Removing leaves or dead wood too soon after a frost encourages new growth. If the new growth is exposed to an additional frost this can further damage your plant material and some shrubs may not survive. Some shrubs may require replacing.  back to top

 How often should I water my lawn?
Water your lawn no more than once every three days during the summer. Ryegrass lawns should be watered about once a week during the winter. Water shaded areas 30% less than sunny areas.  back to top

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