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San Tan Landscape Management has the professional staff and expertise to design and install a beautiful nightscape.  We are experienced in all outdoor lighting needs such as where to place the lights, what to highlight, and what type of lights to use.  The value of your property will only increase by showing off your house day and night.  

We use professional outdoor lighting fixtures that have hundreds of styles and colors to choose from. A landscape lighting system is not complete unless it has proper controls.  We also install transformers with timers to automatically turn your lights off and on at a pre-set time. 

 There are typically five common outdoor lighting techniques:

  1. Walk lights offer both safety and decorative effects.  They should be used wherever it is necessary to warn about the walk changing direction or elevation, such as steps or ramps.
  2. Silhouette lighting outlines plants when placed behind them.  The viewer sees a dark plant form against a background of light.
  3. Shadow lighting places the light source in front of the plant and causes a shadow to be cast onto a wall or other flat surface behind the plant.
  4. Down lighting creates patterns of light and leaf shadows on the ground.  The light fixture is placed high in a tree and directed downward.
  5. Up lighting is the reverse of the above.  The light fixture is placed at the base of the object being illuminated.  It is directed upward.
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