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Turf Care 

Turf Over-Seeding Program

San Tan Landscape Management can give you a beautiful green lawn throughout the winter months and into next spring.  We take care of the entire over-seeding process.  Our knowledgeable staff and professional turf equipment gives our clients the confidence that they are receiving the best service and quality products in Turf Management.  The overseeding services are usually scheduled for late September and October.  

Are you asking why over-seed your existing Bermuda Grass lawn? 
The obvious reason is Bermuda Grass here in the Southwest goes dormant during the colder months of the year.  This leaves our landscapes with brown lawns and undesirable appearances.  Non-seeded or renovated turf encourages weed growth and the potential for fungus diseases.  But more important than the actual over-seeding of annual or perrennial rye, is the turf renovation process that is done at the same time to prepare our Bermuda Grass Lawns for the springtime.

Turf Renovation & Over-Seeding Process:

  • Reduce water consumption starting Mid-September
  • Night time temperatures need to drop and stabilize around 70 degrees
  • Height of turf will be lowered over several mowings
  • Scalp turf areas for seed preparation
  • Dethatch turf to remove dead grass or mat with professional turf dethatcher
  • Aerate turf for better water penetration with professional turf aerator
  • Rake & mow turf areas again to remove all dead thatch
  • Fertilize, over-seed with perennial rye, and apply top dressing
  • Adjust Irrigation Controller for new seed watering requirements
  • First mowing in approximately two weeks
  • Adjust Irrigation Controller again for Winter & Spring watering requirements

Turf Fertilization
Regular fertilizing is essential for good color and healthy grass.  Use "slow release" fertilizers.  Although they cost more, they release nutrients more efficiently and can be applied less frequently.  After fertilizing, your lawn will require more frequent mowings.

Our climate is primarily responsible for warm-season grasses that should receive their heaviest fertilization in late spring.   This supplies the turf with proper nutrition prior to the summer season which is the greatest growth period.

Turf Watering

When is the best time to water?
Watering should be completed as near to dawn as possible for best results.  Percentage of water loss due to evaporation is considerably lower than daytime operation.  Avoid watering in the late evening hours, as overnight dampness provides ideal condition for growth of moss and fungus. The preferred time for turfgrass irrigation is between 4 and 8 am.

How often should I water?
Water lawns no more than once every three days during the summer.  Ryegrass lawns can be watered once a week during the winter.  Water shaded areas 30% less than sunny areas.

What are the signs of under-watering?
Bermuda grass does not spring back when stepped on.  The soil is hard to push a screwdriver into.  The turf will feel warm in the evening.

 If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for a free estimate, please call our office at 480-753-0711.

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