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Planting Services 
Have you recently moved to the Arizona desert?  Then I'm sure you grieve sometimes for the plants you can no longer grow.  You can still have a beautiful landscape only if you are willing to adapt to the desert instead of fighting it.  You can also have a tropical landscape that grows good in our climate 

Cactus Installation
San Tan Landscape can transplant full grown cactus into your landscape. The cactus has to be transported and planted carefully to avoid damage.  The prickly surface makes it difficult to plant but requires very little care.  You should not allow the roots to become rotted with excess moisture. 

Tree Plantings
San Tan Landscape can plant any tree you wish from 5 gallons to a 48" box.  Trees usually need staking to hold them secure for two or three seasons until the roots are firmly anchored in the soil.  For larger trees, guy wires with rubber hoses where it goes around the tree may be needed.  You need to plant the tree far enough from obstacles such as the house, walls, and other trees to allow proper development.  This requires professional knowledge of how fast the tree will grow and their size at maturity.

Plant Materials
San Tan Landscape uses one to five gallon containers for planting shrubs into a landscape.  The plants are selected from local nurseries and are generally healthy, vigorous appearance and good foliage.  Do your plants need refreshed or have you lost some plants from the frost?  Call San Tan Landscape to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.    


Citrus Plantings
San Tan Landscape can plant lemon, orange, lime, grapefruit or other types of citrus trees on your property.  They have bright green leaves and fragrant flowers but are easily subject to diseases and injury by frost.  Moist soil is needed but they will not tolerate standing water. 

Annual Flowers
San Tan Landscape changes out flowerbeds of annual flowers every spring and fall.  Annuals can bloom literally for months.  A garden of flowers can create such a pleasant glow of soft colors seen from the inside as well as the outside of a house. Call San Tan Landscape to start your garden blooming.  

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