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Turf Over-Seeding Program 

The Lawn you Long for . . . . 
     San Tan Landscape Management can keep your grass green all year long in Arizona, even though the winter and summer climates are very different.  This is done by growing Bermuda grass in the summer since it tolerates our triple digit temperatures.  Bermuda grass is dormant during our winter months.  For this reason, if you want your lawn to be green all winter, you have to over-seed with Rye grass by mid October.

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How do you plant winter rye grass?

There are many steps involved in the turf renovation and over-seeding process of planting winter rye grass.  San Tan Landscape will take care of the entire process with our knowledgeable staff and professional turf equipment.  Over-seeding your lawn requires scalping, dethatching, and aerating of your existing Bermuda grass lawn.  Take a look at the pictures on this page that explain these steps. 


We use a professional turf dethatcher to remove the layer of dead turf grass and undergrowth known as thatch.  This is a vertical mower that helps your lawn "breathe".




This is done by lowering the height of the lawn mower blade.  You want to cut the lawn short to remove most of the bermuda grass.  This provides a good planting area for the rye and helps the bermuda go into dormancy.




We use a professional turf aerator to remove plugs of soil & thatch from your soil.  This is highly recommended to reduce soil compaction allowing water & fertilizer to penetrate into the root zone

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