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Be Aware of Your Landscape 

Mother Nature usually strikes every winter with temperatures below freezing that damage Arizona Landscapes.  Some winters are worse than others and the most harmful is when you have consecutive nights of severe frost.  Most of the freeze damage occurs very early in the morning hours as the sun begins to rise.  

Generally, we say by the second week of February we can rule out the potential of another freeze.  However, San Tan Landscape watches the extended forecast before starting to prune and clean up your landscape.  Many clients have called our office asking what to do.  The main thing we say is "Be Patient".  We know the brown plants are an eye sore, but we want to try and save as many plants as possible.       

Wait until the freeze is over!

Do not prune or trim your trees and shrubs too early.  Removing leaves or dead wood too soon will encourage new growth which could be exposed to additional cold temperatures further damaging plant material.  Some shrubs will not survive and will require replacing.  Do not apply fertilizer or growth hormones.  Encouraging early spring growth could result in further damage if we experience additional cold temperatures.

What can be done to help?

Keep plants well watered.  Soil temperature is very important.  You want to retain as much heat as possible so roots do not freeze.  Keep soil around plants and trees mulched or leave all the dropped leaves under trees until the cold has passed.  The use of burlap or ground cover cloth is best for covering.  I've even seen homeowners place christmas lights on top of trees and shrubs under the cloth or burlap so the heat from the lights help not to freeze their landscape.  As a last resort, install heaters or hope for warmer temperatures. 

Watch your Irrigation Systems!

Every winter we have seen some damage to "PVB" Pressure Vacuum Breakers and "BFP" Back Flow Preventors.  Freezing temperatures creating expansion and contraction of plastic parts and O-Rings have been disabled or started leaking.  Some PBC fittings exposed to the elements or age have cracked or separated at the point of connection from freezing temperatures.  Please watch these areas for leaks.  We are currently checking irrigation systems on our service days.  If you think you have a problem please give us a call.  Water leaks can cause damage and increases your water bill.

Protect Your Trees & Shrubs

Damage to Lantanas, Hibiscus, Gardenias, Bougainvilleas, Natal Plums, Ruellia and Red Fairy Duster seem to follow the norm every year.  This year we are seeing severe damage on Pigmy Date Palms, Queen Palms, Fan Palms and Ficus Trees where new growth began to sprout.  As you can imagine it's almost impossible to protect your entire landscape.  Efforts made to protect and cover trees and shrubs fall short when we have sustained cold temperatures on so many consecutive nights. Please remember not to use any materials which can trap cold air.  Plastic is the worst.  Trapping cold air is like putting your plants in the refrigerator.
San Tan Landscape is Pro-Active
If you are a client of San Tan Landscape, you can be assured that we will check your property on each service visit and keep you well informed of the extent of any freeze damage that may have occurred to your property.  San Tan Landscape will notify you if there are any trees or shrubs that will need replaced.  We will do our best to save as much of the plant material that has freeze damage as possible.  If you are currently not a customer, please call San Tan Landscape for a free quote.  If you are a customer, "Thanks again for being our customer - we really appreciate your business".

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